A professional network united by our ambition for impact.

Our STory
We support and connect consultants who are passionate about improving the world.

Consultants for Impact has been dedicated to supporting and connecting consultants passionate about improving the world since 2019. We got our start when a small but mighty crew of Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey consultants joined forces. Our founding members were unified by a shared belief that business consultants have immense potential for positive impact when they apply their ambition and passion for data-driven solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Originally called the Effective Altruism Consulting Network, we initially sought impact by introducing fellow consultants to the ideas of Effective Altruism. We emphasized the importance of listening to the data when making strategic career and donation choices, which we believe can multiply an individual’s lifetime impact by 10 or more!

Since 2019, our network has grown to include 1000+ professionals from across the globe. Our staff provides career guidance, role matchmaking, retreats, donation advice, and tailored resources to help consultants make a meaningful difference. If you or someone you know is a consultant looking to make a positive change and would like support, reach out.

We’re here to help you align your career with your values. 
Consultants Advised

Provided 1-1 support to 500+ consultants through our Career Conversations program

Event Value

CFI weekend retreats rated by attendees to be 5x as valuable as their typical weekend with a 9.2/10 likelihood to recommend


Facilitated 1,500+ professional introductions for our members

Career Transitions

Supported 30+ of our members’ transitions into high-impact careers

Hiring Rounds

Supported high-impact organizations in finding candidates for 70+ hiring rounds

Workplace Groups

Coordinated and advised current consultants in how to launch internal impact initiatives at 10+ consulting firms across the globe

Our Network
A global network of current and former consultants.

We are proud to support over 1,200 current consultants and alumni from McKinsey, BCG, Bain Accenture, and beyond.

Our directory includes consultants interested in artificial intelligence, biosecurity, international development, and organizational transformation.

Collectively, we help improve organizational decision-making across Fortune 500 companies, government offices, and global NGOs — and most importantly, we support each other along the way.

Isa Laurent
Simon Holm
Henna Dattani
Joshua Williams
Sai Uttej
Sammie Dorgham
Kristina Echols
Cassandra Milbradt
Moritz Hagemann
Lucas Schmuck
Anneke Pogarell
Matt Wang
Our Principles
We're united by our commitments.

Our network is full of caring, thoughtful people from around the world from a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and affiliations. What we have in common is a commitment to use our time and resources wisely.

Seeking The Truth

The world is very complicated, and as business consultants, we know that plans are unlikely to succeed if they aren’t deeply based in reality. We believe in changing our minds and striving to impartially seek the truth.

Aiming For Impact

We are altruistically ambitious: looking not just to grow our own careers, but to make things better for as many others as we can. Members of our network have gone on to work for the UK government on AI and pandemic preparedness, started their own impact-focused consulting firms, and founded nonprofits to address everything from syphilis in low and middle-income countries to talent coordination in the animal advocacy space.

Prioritizing Strategically

Some career paths and donation opportunities are 100 times more impactful than others. When analyzing which social problems we want to address, we consider how big the problem is, how easy it is to solve, and how much attention it currently receives.

We're run by and for consultants.
Sarah Pomeranz
Chief Executive Officer
Sarah Pomeranz
Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Sarah joined Consultants for Impact in 2022 as the first full-time employee. Before this, she was a strategy consultant at Accenture, where she founded a workplace group to encourage her colleagues to develop high-impact and evidence-based career and donation strategies. At Rutgers University, Sarah studied global business, entrepreneurship, and social justice, and co-founded Sulis, a social venture developing solar-powered water-cleaning technology for communities in India. Sarah has pledged to donate 10% of her lifetime earnings to highly effective charities.
Edmo Gamelin
Program Director
Edmo Gamelin
Edmo has ~8 years of consulting experience. Born and raised in Vermont, he became interested in applying analytical skills to social impact while studying Political Science at Boston University. After a year of conducting market research at ZS Associates, he transitioned to Blue Matter, a boutique consulting firm where he built out the firm’s nonprofit capabilities and supported social impact projects. Edmo served as Co-Director of Rethink Wellbeing, a mental health nonprofit for young leaders, before joining Consultants for Impact in 2023.
Lara La Barbara
Community and Operations Associate
Lara La Barbara
Lara supports Consultants for Impact’s work part-time through her role as a Special Projects Associate at Rethink Priorities, CFI’s fiscal sponsor. She holds an M.A. in Geography from Università degli Studi di Milano. Before joining Rethink Priorities, Lara worked in the travel industry for several years. At Consultants for Impact, Lara provides operations support including financial management, compliance, events, and communication.
Advisory Board
Lauren Mee
Lauren Mee
CEO of Animal Advocacy Careers
Paige Henchen
Paige Henchen
Chief of Staff at GiveWell
David Nash
David Nash
Community Director at Effective Altruism UK
Anneke Pogarelle
Anneke Pogarelle
BCG Consultant
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